Mia Giovio is an author and entrepreneur with a passion for writing books and storytelling that goes back to early childhood. She wrote her first play in the 5th grade. She enjoys sharing the experiences of her journey in the hopes that it will help someone else. Mia’s story is one of success, loss, and a remarkable opportunity for personal growth. 

Mia studied Psychology for her bachelor’s at The University of Pennsylvania. Some years later, her life took a surprising turn, and she would soon embark on a devastating journey that would leave her mentally, emotionally, and financially broken. She would end up homeless.

As a homeless person, she found herself judged, ridiculed, and not taken seriously. She found herself shunned and an outcast in society. Her story is one of faith and vision. She felt that she had a job to do. Having no one else, she learned to look within for her answers.

Mia’s story is one of self-reliance and following your dreams, regardless of the circumstance. Her journey taught her many things. She learned the importance of taking care of yourself first so that you can then take care of others. She loves to share and has an incredible sense of love and compassion for people. She loves to extend a helping hand when she can.

Mia hopes that through sharing her challenges and struggles, she can encourage others and help them with the obstacles that they face, too. She has had the opportunity to mentor at-risk youth and work with battered women.

As a personal trainer and coach, her greatest asset is her gift of listening to people, understanding them, and talking with them to help them find solutions. She helps them to learn to look inside themselves to find the answers that they seek. She believes that everyone has creative gifts to be shared and that there is a place in the world for all of them.

Mia is an engaging storyteller, and it is her hope that her work as an author will help people navigate their own challenges in life. She hopes that it will help them to find the faith that they need to keep going and face those challenges.

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Who Am I

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